Human nature is equipped with psychological problem-solving tools

Life is happening all around us but not on tablets, phones or flat screen. The term "social" in social media is probably the only social thing about it.

Digital detoxification means finding a way to use technology without being absorbed by it. One starts by developing the ability to let go.

Human nature is equipped with psychological problem-solving tools. The mind is immaterial and therefore theoretically indestructible. This premise constitutes the basis for the training.

Whatever does not develop will degenerate. Degeneration happens by itself. Development requires work as does maintenance. It is not through the ignorance of our incapability that we develop, but much rather thanks to the ability to realize and acknowledge both our potential and recognize our faults.

Every human being deserves to be loved, acknowledged, cared for and accepted by himself or herself and by others. Acceptance is the base of growth - for nothing can grow on a house of lies and denial.

Psychological progress is made by letting go of guilt and by the acknowledgement, recognition and acceptance of past failures.

The future is Now, and the focus is on YOU !

Beate Helene Spiess, Consultant

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