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Relationship coaching gives you valuable impulses for improving your life as a single or living with a partner and helps you on the way establishing a relationship that satisfies all parties.

You often see light at the end of the tunnel after only one consultation, and after four to six sessions you have acquired the competence to be able to manage future relationships in every day life. It does not really matter what goals one pushes with Relationship Coaching as it gives in any case valuable impulses towards improving both one's private and business relationships.

You will be shown the path to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be! So the way you dress, the colors and fabrics of clothing you choose and the way you do your hair represents the image you wish to present to your environment? Are they the realization of your inner posture and your state of mind? Remember that others, assuming that they do not know you, have only your appearance to serve as basis for judgement.

Body Language   and   Charisma  

Authentic, free, spontaneous and idiosyncratic people attract others in a magical way. Charisma Coaching helps one to develop a strong and positive physical presence. Charisma can be achieved through careful Coaching and Training.

Having a charismatic personality means being comfortable with one's own nature and thus able emotionally to inspire other people.

The purpose of a consultation:  A noticeable improvement in the quality of one's life.

Communication   coaching/seminars

Do you also ask yourself why your conversation partner sometimes understands something different from what you wanted to say? Why do we sometimes fail to communicate effectively and not find any agreeable solution?

We practice together how to tackle every-day situations in conversations, and you receive practical advice how you can improve your ability to engage in a conversation. The preparation of conversation, avoidance of misunderstandings, structuring and quite concrete conversation techniques will be considered as well as the evaluation of a conversation partner and the establishment of a relationship with the person.

Overcoming Mourning/Accompanying the sick

The purpose of accompaniment is to aid mourners while they are in mourning so that they can learn to live with their loss and create new strength. They will thus be strengthened and confident as they will be able to embrace life fully. Consciously taking leave of the departed creates new possibilities despite the experience of vulnerability and the encounter with mankind's finite nature. One gains new trust in facing life.

We stand by you with compassion during this important process of change and stay with you until the very end.

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