Whatever does not develop will degenerate. Degeneration happens by itself. Development requires work as does maintenance.

It is not through the ignorance of our  incapability that we develop but rather thanks to the ability to realize and acknowledge both our potential and recognize our faults.



 Through strategic coaching the client is first led to self-awareness and then to self-fulfillment .

It does not really matter what goals one pursues with Coaching as it gives in any case valuable impulses towards improving both one's private and business relationships.



This can be done by looking upon nature as a role model. Nature can teach us wise values



What you do today  can improve all your tomorrows

Establishing a basis of trust is essential for personal coaching and consulting. In order to ensure personal compatibility between the client and the coach, each and every client is first invited to a trial consultation.

Personal contact is important and strongly encouraged. Urgent, basic or long-distance enquiries can initially be made via telephone.   On-line-coaching sessions (via Skype) are available from the comfort of the clients home.

Beate Spiess is willing to deal with all aspects of human personality and I looks forward to hearing  your story!

In English, German or Italian.


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