Whatever one does 

Must emerge from

An Attitude of love

And benefiting others


Throughout my entire life I have constantly aimed to increase my knowledge and experience through further training. I have completed Training as Life Coach, Burnout Consultant, Accompanying the Dying, Yoga Teacher and Kinesiology Instructor.


Many individuals in society may be "successful" but not "happy".

They have achieved everything they ever wanted, but realize that perhaps they wanted all the wrong things.

I see my mission in guiding individuals on their path to self fulfillment and to place my knowledge and experience at their disposal.

With full attention I guide my clients from the place in life where they are now - to the place they want to be.

To let them discover new passions and to increase their appreciation for life.

I teach how to restructure life and personal relationships to be more emotional rewarding and enjoyable.

I am a logical but highly emotional person with a marked sensitivity for my fellow human beings, which made me the person I am today. From an early age I have been a person of trust for my peers that were looking for emotional release by safely speaking about what was on their hearts. 

We all need someone who is interested in us and who listens to us without any limitations and without any judgement.

If we do not have that, our growth is stunted.

I fell myself in a deep union with nature, a strong bond.

In my free time I enjoy gardening, observing wildlife and walking barefoot.

We need humans and nature to stay healthy with our minds at peace.

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